Migration and Registration

GST Migration and Registration for existing Assessee
GST Registration for new Assessee

GST Advisory and Training

Understand current business model of your business in discussion with management
Undertaking GST Impact Analysis for your business transactions and specific activities
Delivering focused group training workshop for the management and key executives

GST Transitional Support

Advisory with regard to strategic disclosures and transitional reporting requirements
Review of Key agreements expected to continue under the GST Regime
Analysis of implications on pending transactions on cut over date
Drafting specimen communication to be circulated to vendor group and customer
Drafting of sample documents including but not limited to invoices, stock transfer note, credit/ debit note etc.
Filing of GST transitional return (in Form Tran-1) within the prescribed timelines to carry forward existing tax credit eligible as input tax credit in the GST Regime

Regular Routine work

Filing of monthly and quarterly GST returns and annual compliance return
Assistance in deposit of GST to electronic cash ledger
Consultancy on GST on regular basis
Refund of GST from GST Department
Bond and Letter of Undertaking (LUT) related work for Exporters